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Pink Tape Industries DRUGZ HERE
Not Gonna Take My P H A R O H ' S Throne {Dani}
/ / Hello, P i n o c c h i o ~
The Secretive T R I C K {Dani}
Can't Live Without You { Dani }
{ I shall sing it for you through the night } (Sofie)
Played Like A D O L L {Dani}
I remember you again||Clap Mad Man||((Timber))
.:.You know who the best is}((Timber))
Say Goodbye {Dani}
I'll love you until it snows in the summer {Dani}
Please Be Nice To Me (Dani)
Finally, everything is for you (Dani)
Red Wine and Pink Lemonade Remastered
Let me love love love tonight<3 (ELISON)
Light it U P,.
Love Sick (TYME FO TA F.T MENS.)
His W H I S P E R {Dani}
.Shiny. // .Effects'. O B S E S S I O N S
. * . D y s t u r b i a . * .
I Double Dare You...
|Plastic| ~{Blue}~
.:. It's All a L i e .:. {[But You'd Never Know]}
.:. I n s a n i t y A m o n g u s a l l .:.
To survive a Zombie Apocalypse, you need... [For Shelby]
Run Devil Run {Dani c:}
--Rewind-- (Chelsea and Kasey)
.:Not Even Close to Romeo or Juliet:. {Dani}
::Like Your Mouth::
Necrophilia (Chels & Kase)
I could really use a wish right now
::In The Jungle::
Lovers like Trends
Let's See How Far We've Come!
RP for the furniture :D
--*Swagsville Romance*--
~*Devil's Masque*~
Libra and the King
~What is Love?~ (Chelsea and Chelsea xD)
W i t c h ' s [C R Y]
.:.T h e W i t c h ' s P r o m i s e C o m e s.:.
When the Seal Breaks
.:.:.We'll pretend that nothing ever happened.:.:.
Loveless RP (Chelsea and Kasey)
.::.The Third Time's the Charm.::. [[Shelby & Dani]]
::Fingers Crossed::
*--The Mirror Reflects--*
-The Color of the Harvest Moon- [For Chels]
Painful- A Loveless RP staring Chels and Kasey
//...Nobody's Home...//
+Destruction is Best Left Untouched [[Chels]]+
I know that you're not a flower from hell [Dani :3]
~*What the Moon Knows*~
++Yabun Aikouka++ (Kasey and Chelsea)
A Terrifying Romance of Lies [[Chels only]]
Blue Moon~ Babysitter
A Tragedy Best Overlooked. [[TIMBAR. :D]]
::Where the Wild Things Are::
~.Aphelion.~ [[ timburr onleh <3 ]]
Bound in Chains within the Emerald City
The evil in us all ~*Pandora's box is opened*~
--The Ocean of Fire--
---The Drums of War--- (Chel and Kasey)
~*Obsidian Butterfly*~ (Kasey + Chelsea)
The Balancing Act [[Chels]]
Don't think we ever really got it right. (For Timber)
What if it makes you laugh now but cry as you fall asleep?
i am a pirate, you're a princess <3
Crimson Rain [Samurai Warriors RP for Shelby :D]
*~Tsuki Hime~* {Chel And Kas}
Naraku no Hana (Flame and Neko)
Red Wine and Pink Lemonade (Flame and Neko)
Into Oblivion (KH RP for Timber)
Roleplay rules/tips/things/POKEMON >_>
~*~Dark Carnival of the Immaculate~*~
I want meh super special awezome powerz nao! D: (For Hunter)
Flawless; So Perfect you Can't See the Strike
One's Own Rule (Naruto RP for Timber)
Hello Stranger, I Read Your Life Story. (Original for Chels)
Who exactly is justice these days? [For Hunter]
Trust the untrusted and forgive the unforgivable (Hunter)
Elfen Lied - Second Coming (Elfen Lied RP for Timber)
Power Beyond the Limit [DBZ RP for Hunter]
Sweet Temptation (For Danielle)
Lazyness isn't a virtue (ShikaIno RP for Maiya)
Fallen Roze (Rozen Maiden RP For Timber)
It never was the time for us [ItaSasu RP for Danielle]
Character vault
Um uh ... ItaSaku RP for Shelby >.<;;
Dance of the Fallen Ninja (For Timber)
Shinobi do not let emotions cloud judgement (For Hunter)
Art and Cherry Blossoms (DeiSaku RP for Shelby)
Original RP :]
"I hate society.." (Elfen Lied RP for Hunter yo!)
Vampire and Esper RP (Continued)
Highschool RP (cont.)
Vampire RP (cont.)
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